A country rooted with musical styles as varied as its landscape. Artists from all walks of life are presented on this channel, including Neil Young, Shania Twain, Brian Adams as well as a full ensemble of new established talent.

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Blue Rodeo

Corb Lund

Blackie & The Rodeo Kings

Ron Sexsmith

Sarah Harmer

Lynne Hanson

Oh Susanna

Kathleen Edwards

Great Lake Swimmers

Amanda Rheaume


All In Your head
Sweet Marie
All Gone Now
Stay Warm
Stay Warm
Reefer Lovin' Woman
For Love and Money (MP3)
Walk in the Dark
Walk in the Dark
Reckless Corazon
The Golden Rule
Shake The Love Around
A Little More
Breath, Blood & Tempo
Biggest Regret
The Road We Once Knew
Tip Jar
El Coyote