Le Palmarès

Here is a comfort zone for contemporary music lovers. This bilingual mix of today’s best music for adults and a strong showing of yesterday’s favourites will have you smiling as this flow of music washes over you. Enjoy a mix of some of the best vocal francophone singers represented by; Ima, Dany Bédard, Annie Villeneuve, Éric Lapointe, Marie-Chantal Toupin, Garou, Ginette Renaud, Claude Dubois, combined with some of the sure bet Anglophone artists such as Mariah Carey, Michael Bublé, Madonna, Jason Mraz, Sarah McLachlan and Mika. You won’t hear this kind of blend in most parts of the country but we have it here! In both official languages…enjoy.

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Matt Laurent

Mathieu Provencal

Vincent Vallières



Harry Styles

Marc Dupré

Ariana Grande

Alicia Moffet



Voleurs de bijoux
Plus la peine
Ensemble parmi les autres
Breaking Me
Watermelon Sugar
Watermelon Sugar
Wait No More
Diamond flake
En attendant l'aube