Maximum Party

Let this be the soundtrack to any great party. No digging through your collection, no DJ playing their favourites, just music guaranteed to keep you and your guests movin’, groovin’ and singin’ along. Maximum Party is a great way to get a party started and keep it going for as long as you like.

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Bryan Adams


Tom Cochrane

Red Rider

David Bowie


Elton John

The Rolling Stones

The Guess Who



Brother Down
The Inhuman Condition
Echo Beach
Metro Music
My Own Way To Rock
My Own Way To Rock
I'm An Adult Now
Love Junk
Let Your Backbone Slide
Symphony In Effect
Rock Me Gently
Andy Kim
Steal My Sunshine
You Can't Stop The Bum Rush
Joyful Rebellion
Too Bad
Cognac and Bologna
Doin' Fine
Ain't Life Strange