Baroque goes back, way back to the 50’s. Not the 1950’s, the 1650’s! Rich melodic music from 1600 to 1750: concertos from Venice, cantatas from the churches of Leipzig and harpsichord suites from the halls of Versailles. Grand, opulent, cerebral, bold and uplifting. Only on Stingray Music will you find a 24/7 channel devoted entirely to baroque. Bach, Handel, Vivaldi and more.

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Johann Sebastian Bach

Antonio Vivaldi

George Frideric Handel

Georg Philipp Telemann


Domenico Scarlatti

Luc Beauséjour

Henry Purcell

Jordi Savall

Jeanne Lamon


Vivaldi - Concerto for strings in G major RV.151 'Alla Rustica'
Vivaldi: Eleven Concertos
Pergolesi: Trio Sonata in G minor
Pergolesi: Opera Strumentale
J.S. Bach - Partita for keyboard No.1 in B-flat major BWV.825
Bach: The Partitas, Preludes, Fugues and Fughettas
Cima - 2 Sonate a tre (Sol min et Ré min)
Baroque Sonatas and Canzonas
Lully: Les Nopces de Village
Lully/Philidor - London Oboe band
Froberger: Libro quarto de la Suite VI - Lamento, en Ut Majeur
Pour passer la mélancolie
Charpentier: Suite in D minor - I. Allemande
Les Musiques de Louis XIV Vol.1: Du salon à l'église
Stuck: Sonate à 3 parties Op.2 "Heraclite et Democrite"
Jean-Baptiste Stuck: Tirannique empire...
C.P.E. Bach - Violin Sonata in C minor Wq.78
Butterfield & Cummings
Couperin - 11ème concert in C minor
François Couperin: Haynes,Haas,Napper