Baroque goes back, way back to the 50’s. Not the 1950’s, the 1650’s! Rich melodic music from 1600 to 1750: concertos from Venice, cantatas from the churches of Leipzig and harpsichord suites from the halls of Versailles. Grand, opulent, cerebral, bold and uplifting. Only on Stingray Music will you find a 24/7 channel devoted entirely to baroque. Bach, Handel, Vivaldi and more.

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Johann Sebastian Bach

Antonio Vivaldi

George Frideric Handel

Georg Philipp Telemann


Domenico Scarlatti

Luc Beauséjour

Jordi Savall

Henry Purcell

Jeanne Lamon


Dieupart - Suite No.6 in F minor
Purcell - Dieupart: Suites for record
Kuhnau - Sonate biblique No.6 - "Jacobs Tod und Begräbniss"
Kuhnau: sonates bibliques, Beauséjour
Graupner - Partita No.8 in F major - I.
Partitas pour Clavecin
Weckmann - Variations sur "Ach wir armen Sünder"
Beauséjour - Buxtehude
Haydn - Symphony No.41 in C (iv)
Tafelmusik/Bruno Weil
Narváez - 3 works from Luys de Narvaez
Renaissance Masters & Latin Romantics
Weiss - Lute Suite No.2 - Prélude/Allemande/Courante
Weiss: Le manuscrit de Londres
Vitali - Chaconne
Pax Anne Robert: violon-violin
Frescobaldi - Corrente prima
Frescobaldi: Keyboard Works
Le Roux - La Favorite
Fanfarinette - Colin Tilney