Jukebox Oldies

Curated by Charles Boyer

Diners, malt-shops, drive-ins and sock-hops. If you remember those, you’ll love Jukebox Oldies. Save your quarters, these jukebox selections are on us. Relive the carefree, lively days of early rock and roll with the best music from the fifties and sixties by the precursors of rock: Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, the Beatles, the Beach Boys and more. This channel will have you rockin’ around the clock.

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Elvis Presley

The Beatles

The Beach Boys

Roy Orbison

The Everly Brothers

Marvin Gaye

The Supremes

Connie Francis

Chuck Berry

Buddy Holly


Chain Gang
Swing Low
It's The Same Old Song
Second Album
Hushabye Again
Just Because
Mr. Personality's 15 Hits
Walking To New Orleans
...A Lot of Dominos!
Up On The Roof
Under The Boardwalk
On Broadway
Under The Boardwalk
I'll Turn To Stone
Reach Out
The More I See You
The More I See You/Call Me
Jenny Jenny
22 Classic Cuts