Folk Roots

Creative and poignant stories and traditional songs with masterful performances underscore the ambiance of folk roots. Listen to the many legends from the folk world’s past and the new generation of prolific troubadours touring coffeehouses, clubs, theaters, and festivals, in this essential mix.

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Bruce Cockburn

Bob Dylan

Fred Eaglesmith

Neil Young

Lynn Miles

Kate & Anna McGarrigle

Richard Thompson

Gordon Lightfoot

Joni Mitchell

Sarah Jarosz


Bound By The Beauty
Bound By The Beauty
No Summer
No Summer
Black Rider
Rough and Rowdy Ways
The Shell
We Have Made A Spark
Poor Boy
A Wanderer I'll Stay
Grow Together
Stress Dreams
The Siren's Song
The Siren's Song
Famous Blue Raincoat
Famous Blue Raincoat: The Songs of Leonard Cohen
Still This Love Goes On
Running for the Drum
A Prayer For The Sane
A Prayer for the Sane (single)