Franco Attitude

Curated by Jean-Richard Lefebvre

Do you enjoy discovering the hottest new emerging artists? Let us be your guide to what's hot and the latest hits among the up and coming artists from the francophone music scene. Move to the pulsating sounds of rock, folk and rap songs from the most in demand francophone artists, including Karim Ouellet, Pierre Lapointe, Radio Radio, Bernard Adamus, Lisa Leblanc and many more. The programming of Stingray Music channels is intended primarily for residential use. Occasionally, this channel may contain language that may be offensive to some listeners. Stingray Music does abide by Canadian Broadcast Industry standards and guidelines thus all music played on Stingray Music reflects these guidelines and current community standards.

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Les Marinellis

M. Chandler


Obia le chef

Raphael Dénommé

Alexandre Poulin

Simon Kearney

Reney Ray



Vieillir à mort
M. Sandler
Peinture à numéros
Le petit russe
Pas né
Vampire de l'Est
Le monde est con
Le désordre pour le style
Les fleurs
À jamais privé de réponses
Le temps qu'on tremble
Les temps sauvages
La bête
L'amour mécanique