Fantasia Film Festival - Roadkill Superstar

The collective Roadkill Superstar (RKSS) wants Fantasia audiences to PARTY! Throw on this mix of manic ‘80s new wave and you’ll be dancing until your feet bleed.

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Beastie Boys

Earth, Wind & Fire

Pet Shop Boys

Le Matos

The Spinners



Daft Punk

Murray Head



One Night In Bangkok
Chess (Original Soundtrack)
Living On Video
Living On Video
Smalltown Boy
The Age Of Consent
Always Something There To Remind Me
Burning Bridges
Turn Me Loose
Miss Me Blind
Colour By Numbers
Bette Davis Eyes
Mistaken Identity
The King of the Streets
Skull and Shark
It's My Life
It's My Life
Tarzan Boy
Living In The Background