Rock 'n' Roll Fever

You can’t pin a year on a classic rock song. You just know what’s a classic. This is the soundtrack to the lives of the ‘young at heart’.

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The Beatles

Led Zeppelin

The Rolling Stones

Pink Floyd

The Who

David Bowie


Creedence Clearwater Revival

Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band

The Doors


It's Raining Again
Famous Last Words
Hungry Heart
The River
Teaser And The Firecat
Baby Hold On
Eddie Money
I'm Your Captain/Closer to Home
Closer To Home
Pride And Joy
Texas Flood
Free Ride
They Only Come Out at Night
Life's Been Good
But Seriously, Folks...
Jet Airliner
Book Of Dreams
(Don't Fear) The Reaper
Agents Of Fortune