Bring the real Oktoberfest-mood into your home with the current party hits from Munich's beer tents and the greatest Wiesn-Hits of the last years. Gather with your friends and enjoy some beer and bratwursts this October while we celebrate Oktoberfest. Stingray Music selected all your favourite German party music to commemorate the season. Make the 16 days of festivities last all month long with this great new Stingray Music special programming.

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Sepp Vielhuber

His Original Oktoberfest Brass Band

DJ Ötzi

Helene Fischer

Peter Wackel

Jürgen Drews

Markus Becker

Hermes House Band

Wolfgang Petry

Tim Toupet


Party am See
Party am See
Weck mich nicht auf
Herzbeben - Extended Mix
Herzbeben - The Mixes
1000 Träume weit (Tornero)
Einfach Anna!
seine grössten hits
Cordula Grün
Cordula Grün
Expresso & Tschianti
Expresso & Tschianti
Cotton Eye Joe
Sex & Violins
Er hat ein Knallrotes Gummiboot
Dirndl Power