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The world’s best children’s entertainers and storytellers. Kids’Stuff is up to snuff for story time, sing-along time or just listening to your favorites from Disney films and other music aimed at youngsters.

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The Kiboomers

Splash'n Boots


Fred Penner

Sharon, Lois & Bram

Justin Timberlake

Kristen Bell

Mother Goose Club

Lenny Graf

Bobs & Lolo


Down By The Bay
A Forest Made Of Spinach
Les plus belles chansons pour enfants
Ten In The Bed
Bedtime Songs
Sing, Sing, Sing
Playtime Songs!
Down By The Bay
Raffi On Broadway
Big Yellow Boot
You, Me and the Sea
Brush Your Teeth
Singable Songs for the Very Young
Thank You
Big Yellow Tunes
Sing Your Song
Big Yellow Tunes