Country Classics

Before today’s Hot Country and the New Country trends of the ‘90s was Classic Country from the early-‘50s up to the mid-‘80s. Listen to the legends of Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry such as Waylon, Willie, Johnny, Loretta, George, Merle, Marty, Buck, Dolly, Tammy, Conway, and Emmylou.

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George Jones

Merle Haggard

Conway Twitty

Buck Owens

Charley Pride

Sonny James

Johnny Cash

Jim Reeves

Dolly Parton

Waylon Jennings


She's Got You
Sentimentally Yours
Angel Of The Morning
Together Again
Together Again/My Heart Skips a Beat
Branded Man
Branded Man
Midnight Hauler
Makin' Friends
Chance Of Lovin' You
Treadin' Water
When I'm Away From You
Strong Weakness
It Was Almost Like A Song
It Was Almost Like a Song
Dancin' Cowboys
You Can Get Crazy