A Dinner at John Dewar

Restaurant music mood, low-tempo and background Music. Jazz, Soft Pop, Instrumentals, World Easy, Bossa, Lounge, Sweet Minimal

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Dexter Gordon

Roy Hargrove

Cedar Walton

Dennis Carroll

Wes Montgomery

Bill Evans Trio


Sonia Rosa

Monty Budwig

Jake Hanna


Cat and Moose
Tipping Velvet
Summer Breezin'
Jazz 100
The Dolphin (After)
From Left To Right
By Myself
After Work (My Jazz)
With The Oscar Peterson Trio
Sweet Presence (Doce Presença)
A Love Affair (The Music Of Ivan Lins)
Casa Forte
Cantiga de Longe
Carly & Carole
Inútil Paisagem
Elis & Tom
I'm Old Fashioned
Evolution of Body and Soul (DMF)