Discover a beautiful and dramatic selection of traditional Chinese and Western classical music compositions and opera performances. They have left their mark on the centuries and continue to inspire!

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Guan Yunjie; Guo Lanying; Li Bo; Ya Jie; Yu Fu

Guo Lanying & Zhang Yang

Wang Wenjuan; Xu Yulan

Fu Jinhua; Li Minling

China Film Folk Orchestra

Silk and Bamboo Ensemble

劉惠鳴 & Lee Suk Kan

Jackson Wan & Amy Hu

Wang Xin-Xin

Taiwan Philharmonic


Delicate Fragrance
Ancient Chinese Music: Shadows of Apricot Blossoms
Nostalgia for the Hot Spring Country - A Nakasi Accordion Gives a Leisurely Account of the Gentle Countryside
A Musical Journey Around Taiwan: Musical Snapshot
Seeing a Friend off at Jing-men
Nostalgia in Moonlight
A Moonlit Night In Spring by the Flowering Riverside
Chinese Classical Music
How Come I Didnt See You at the Foot of the Mount
Chinese Opera Music Album: The Marriage of Little Er Hei
I Sacrifice My Youth for Communism
Chinese Opera Music: Sister Jiang
High Moon
Four Seasons In China
The Long Wait for Lust in Spring
The Ultimate of Peking Opera: Farewell My Concubine, Xi Shi
A Romantic Dream
The Chinese Cheng: Ancient & Modern