Discover a beautiful and dramatic selection of traditional Chinese and Western classical music compositions and opera performances. They have left their mark on the centuries and continue to inspire!

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Tan Dun


Seeing a Friend off at Jing-men
Nostalgia in Moonlight
A Song of Joy (Huan Le Ge)
Ode to the South (Yong Nan)
How Come I Didnt See You at the Foot of the Mount
Chinese Opera Music Album: The Marriage of Little Er Hei
Wu Xing: L`eau (Water)
Qigang Chen Iris Dévoilée
Chinese Parasol in the Moonlight
Treasure Edition - Selected Pieces of Xiao and Dizi by Zhang Weiliang
Melancholy in the Dusk (Nanguan)
Nostalgia in Moonlight
Three Six (San Liu)
Ode to the South (Yong Nan)
Nostalgia for the Hot Spring Country - A Nakasi Accordion Gives a Leisurely Account of the Gentle Countryside
A Musical Journey Around Taiwan: Musical Snapshot
Chang-O Flying to the Moon, Op. 22: Act I: The General's Altar: Moderato
The Voices of Taiwan 07 - Tsang-Houei Hsu
The Long Wait for Lust in Spring
The Ultimate of Peking Opera: Farewell My Concubine, Xi Shi