Baroque from the 17th and 18th century offers rich, melodic music: concertos from Venice, cantatas from the churches of Leipzig, and harpsichord suites from the halls of Versailles. Enjoy this grand, opulent, bold, and uplifting selection.

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Johann Sebastian Bach

Antonio Vivaldi

George Frideric Handel

Georg Philipp Telemann


Domenico Scarlatti

Jordi Savall

Luc Beauséjour

Henry Purcell

Glenn Gould


Graupner - Partita No.1 in C major - II.
Partitas pour Clavecin
J.S. Bach - Concerto in F major BWV.971 'Italian'
Graupner - Partita No.10 in A minor - VII. Menuets I & II
Partitas pour Clavecin
Couperin - Messe à l'usage des Paroisses - 3 extraits
Couperin: à l'orgue et au clavecin
Marcello - Concerto in D minor
La trompette Italienne
J.S. Bach - English Suite No.1 in A major BWV.806
Glenn Gould: Bach, The English Suites
Couperin - Prelude non mesure & Tombeau de M. Blancrocher
L'Art de Scott Ross - The Art of Scott Ross
Duphly - La Millettina (1e Livre)
Duphly: Pièces de clavecin
Telemann - Concerto I ré majeur
Guimond - Beauséjour
Froberger - Capriccio No.2
The Organ in New France