Daran's favourite hits

Kuratiert von Daran

From tightly sequenced rhythms to poetry infused lyrics, Daran’s willingness to experiment is unparalleled. With his latest album Endorphine, the French songwriter sings about freedom and dabbles in spacy, bass-heavy psychedelic alt-rock sounds. Listen to some of his tunes and take a peek at songs that influenced his style.

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The Besnard Lakes

Dan Auerbach

Neil Young

Tame Impala

Pink Floyd

John Lennon

Jonathan Wilson

Albin de la Simone

Marilyn Manson


Valley Of The Silver Moon
Gentle Spirit
Le grand amour
L'un de nous
Personal Jesus
Lest We Forget (The Best Of)
Madame rêve
Oser Joséphine
Space Oddity
Space Oddity
Mr. Mandible
North Country Psychic Girls
Martha Wainwright
La journée qui s'en vient est flambant neuve
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Karma Police
OK Computer