Bruno Pelletier

Kuratiert von Pierre-Jean Lavigne

Bruno Pelletier is not superstitious! It’s with a smile on his face and eyes fixed on the brightest of futures that he presents his 13th career album. Discover the greatest compositions of this exceptional talent and songs by some of his favourite artists.

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Bruno Mars

Michel Pagliaro


Annie Lennox

Joni Mitchell

Richard Séguin

Serge Fiori

Rickie Lee Jones

Fiona Apple


Nature Boy
The Messenger
Watermelon Man
Takin' Off
Close Your Eyes
Close Your Eyes
Des milliards de choses
Des milliards de choses
Un souvenir heureux
Diane Dufresne (2)
Nothing Else Matters
Figure It Out
Royal Blood
Get Lucky
Get Lucky (Radio Edit) [feat. Pharrell Williams] - Single
Sur un prélude de Bach
Ami Ou Ennemi
Virtual Insanity
Travelling Without Moving