We Wanna Rock the ‘80s

Kuratiert von Pierre-Jean Lavigne

Tease your bleached hair sky-high, unearth your gigantic shoulder pads (or your mom’s) and squeeze into your leopard-print spandex leggings…today we’re gonna party like it’s the ‘80s to the most awesome riffs of ‘80s rock-metal and glam-rock.

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Bon Jovi

Ozzy Osbourne

Def Leppard


Mötley Crüe

Iron Maiden




Judas Priest


Don't Stop Runnin'
In Rock We Trust
7 O'Clock
A Bit of What You Fancy
Everyone's A Star
Tell No Tales
The Zoo
Animal Magnetism
Turn Up the Radio
Sign In Please
Round And Round
Out of the Cellar
Big City Nights
Love At First Sting
(Make Me Do) Anything You Want
Walkin' the Razor's Edge
In My Dreams
Under Lock And Key
Fly High Michelle
Enuff Z'nuff