MAX Jukebox

Kuratiert von Gill Roberts

It doesn't matter if you remember the carefree days of diners, malt-shops, drive-ins and sock-hops, this channel of jukebox oldies will have you rockin' around the clock.

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Elvis Presley

The Beatles

The Beach Boys

The Everly Brothers

Chuck Berry

Roy Orbison

The Hollies

The Supremes

Cliff Richard

The Rolling Stones


Green Tambourine
Green Tambourine
Since I Don't Have You
The Skyliners
Kind of a Drag
Kind Of A Drag
(I'm A) Road Runner
Party Doll
Party Doll
Johnny Get Angry
Johnny Get Angry
Do You Love Me?
Remembering... Brian Poole And The Tremeloes
Leader of the Pack
Leader Of The Pack
Go Now
The Magnificent Moodies