Worship and Joy

Kuratiert von Rosa Nunez

Inspired by God’s words and love, Christians have written beautiful songs that speak of truth and power that can be found in Jesus. This is a selection of those great songs that surely will fill your soul with joy and life with hope.

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Marcos Witt

Jesús Adrián Romero

Alex Zurdo

Evan Craft

Marcela Gandara

Marco Barrientos

Álex Campos

Miel San Marcos

Lilly Goodman

Tercer Cielo


Un milagro
Un milagro [EP]
Tus Pasos
Pura Sal
Sigo creyendo
Extravagante Adoración
Extravagante Adoración
Polvo de estrellas
Sin Ti
Sin Ti - Single
Lo mío no pasa (Salsa Remix)
Tan solo una orden
Acuérdate de mí