MAX Groove

Curated by Gill Roberts

A collection of the best soul and R&B tracks of today and decades past. Perfect for those romantic moments when only the greatest, lushest voices will do.

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Marvin Gaye

The Supremes

Stevie Wonder

Four Tops

The Isley Brothers

The Miracles

Edwin Starr

The Temptations

Diana Ross

Jimmy Ruffin


(Not Just) Knee Deep
Uncle Jam Wants You
Square Biz
Irons in the Fire
Time Slips Away
Unwind Yourself
It's My Thing
Body Lovers
Con Funk Shun 7
Hot Stuff
Rock On
Funky Stuff
Wild And Peaceful
Things Get Better
The Stax Story: Kinda Blue
I Got A Sure Thing
The Stax Story: Kinda Blue
Car Wash
Car Wash