MAX 90s Hits

Curated by Gill Roberts

Do you remember the '90s with its grunge rock, boy bands, and divas with big attitudes and even bigger voices? This channel has it all, from Nirvana's groundbreaking anthems to MC Hammer's chart-topping hits.

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Backstreet Boys

Mariah Carey

Janet Jackson

Michael Jackson

Kylie Minogue

Céline Dion

George Michael

Bryan Adams



Now That We Found Love
Peaceful Journey
Groove Is in the Heart
World Clique
Shaka Jam
Club At The End Of The Street
Sleeping With The Past
Something About You
Bound For Glory
Blood From Stone
Life (Everybody Needs Somebody to Love)
Both Sides of the Story
Both Sides
Just Take My Heart
Lean Into It
U Can't Touch This
Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em